I illustrate birds, wildlife, food, birthday occasions, sketches for weddings invitations, farm shops and other objects.

Drawing is my strength and I have a feminine, sketchy style. l also produce children’s characters and love collecting children’s books, some of my favourites are ‘Smelly Bill’s’ and ‘Hairy McClary.’  I am inspired by ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Julia Donaldson and love the free illustrations that have lots of energy in them.

Illustrations can make an idea jump off the page and sometimes say what words can’t and could help you attract new business. I have designed greetings cards and business cards. Mine are the ones that have at least five different designs and I have received positive responses from customers who have enjoyed ‘choosing’ which one to take away, it’s also on thick card.

Sometimes it’s the little touches that feel personal and make a big difference. Maybe you have a blog and would like an illustration adding? Or you have a restaurant or menus and would like some illustrations then please get in touch.